Penguin Wealth offers its clients expert retirement financial planning. At Penguin Wealth, they want their clients to enjoy their lives and have the chance to do everything they are passionate about.

Their main goal is to help you understand if you have everything organised and in place to do what you want, in the time that you have.

Penguin Wealth are Independent Financial Advisers. So, they are not dependant on, or influenced by, providers of financial products. Their advice is unbiased; therefore, you receive the best possible advice for your situation.

The team at Penguin Wealth are also very supportive, and they will help you live the life you deserve. First, they will make sure your financial planning is linked to your lifestyle goals, both now and into the future.

Then Penguin Wealth’s expert advisers will review your existing financial arrangements, road map your financial future, and provide specialist advice on maximising your future income to achieve financial security and independence. They include economic freedom, pension and annuity advice services.

Penguin Wealth is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, adhering to their compliance guidelines to make sure their clients are always 100% happy with their advice and ethics.

When it comes to preparing for retirement, it involves a lot of planning and upfront research, but enjoying a comfortable retirement will be well worth the initial investment of time.

As your retirement approaches, you may have a few questions, but there are also some essential questions to consider, such as – What strategies and steps can be taken to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable retirement? What amount of retirement saving will be needed? Which specific locations are most appealing to retirees?

Penguin Wealth is aware that retirement can often last well over 25 years, so the best way to be financially comfortable and secure is to start planning now. With retirement planning, there are specific financial tips and strategies to keep in mind.

First of all, investments and savings should be taken out of earnings before anything else is deducted, and living expenses should be taken into account to fit within the remaining post-savings income.

Penguin Wealth has wealth and retirement solutions such as saving and investing, which will be vital to ensuring a comfortable retirement. It is a good idea to find out the savings and investment options you have both within a company and without.

As an employee, you should always check what benefits, and investment options are available through your company before choosing to invest privately. Fortunately, many companies will contribute to or match employee savings up to a specific amount.

To get you started with your retirement planning journey, the first step is estimating a savings amount needed for retirement is to prepare a list, or budget, of any and all expenses that will be carried over to retirement. Penguin Wealth recommends saving enough to provide a retirement income that is 75-85% of current income.

Some other retirement advice from Penguin Wealth includes determining housing and living expenses and also deciding how much travel will be desired during retirement.

For retirement solutions, Penguin Wealth has you covered. They have even won several awards and were named ‘Adviser Firm of the Year Wales’ at the 2016 Citywire New Model Adviser Awards in London.

If you would like retirement planning, advice, or a pension review from one of the team members at Penguin Wealth, call them today 02920 450143.

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