Chromatrap® is offering Drosophila researchers the opportunity to quickly and efficiently perform ChIP from their favourite genetic model organism. According to the company, they state by combining optimized buffer chemistries for chromatin extraction and unique bead-free ChIP technology, and they have in turn produced a high sensitivity kit that is quicker and easier to use.

It is the first dedicated ChIP-Seq and library preparation kit for Drosophila. The Chromatrap® kit allows you to perform ChIP and library preparation for next-generation sequencing sequentially. This kit contains all the reagents you need to efficiently extract chromatin from Drosophila tissues and obtain purified selectively enriched DNA to create high-quality complex libraries.

It is the only kit that combines the highest sensitivity ChIP assay with library preparation for Drosophila, which means it is ready to sequence in less than 8 hours, and it is a superior bead-free system for ChIP.

There are a variety of features associated with Drosophila. They include

  • Cost-effective
  • Best for sensitivity
  • Validated in ChIP-Seq
  • 1-tube reaction
  • High-fidelity PCR mix
  • Indexing primers for Illumina included

The Drosophila chip kit is a cost-effective, complete kit with all the reagents you need from start to finish, including 24 ChIP’s, 24 library preparation, 12 indices. It has a higher signal to noise due to its inert filter and correctly orientated proteins. You can prepare libraries from any ChIP sample easily and with reassurance. Also, there is no clean up required between reactions, saving you extra time in the field.

If you are wondering what Drosophila is, it is a fruit fly that is also a very widely used model organism for genetic and epigenetic research. Although, recently, researchers have had few research protocols at their disposal.

With the new single optimised Chromatrap kit, it features unique buffers and components for Drosophila chromatin extraction and ChIP.

So, as long as it is incorporated correctly and orientated it can capture proteins throughout the inert filter-based ChIP technology, in turn, the kits offer the level of sensitivity required for detection of binding of low abundant targets. It provides high sensitivity, which is especially important for the detection of binding of low abundant targets. The easy, sensitive workflow can be completed in less than 5 hours.

The kits are designed to offer Drosophila researchers an easy, sensitive workflow that can be completed in less than five hours. The Chromatrap range now includes Drosophila UniqSeq, ChIP-Seq, Antibodies and Primer Sets.

In addition, drosophila melanogaster, a scientific name for the fruit fly, is a powerful model organism which is very common in biological research and wonderfully, it has made significant contributions to the greater scientific community since the 1900s. In biological research, the fruit fly as an organism makes a great model organism for scientists.

There are many reasons for this, for example, fruit flies are inexpensive to maintain in the laboratory, their genetics are very simple, and short generation times allow researchers to organise quick experiments with high sample numbers.

Furthermore, applications of Drosophila research can range from genetics to cardiac and neurological development and disease, and it is extremely valuable. Thus, it is very clear that drosophila is a highly important and influential model organism and that drosophila chip kits are extremely beneficial to researchers.

For further information, visit their website or contact the company on +44-1978-661144, you can also email for any questions or queries.

SOURCE: The News Front [Link]

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