Carla Devereux, a trustworthy counselling therapist, offers its psychotherapy and hypnotherapy services in Solihull and Warwickshire. Carla understands that facing difficult situations in life can be stressful. So, she decided to provide their services to support the needs of their aspiring clients.

Carla Devereux is committed to providing Psychotherapy Solihull because she wants to give the best comfort and treatment for people who are having a hard situation in their lives. With her more than 21 years in the industry, Carla has already mastered the best techniques to make her one of best of the therapist.

Therapy offered like Hypnotherapy Solihull to help victims of loneliness and depression to change their current adverse condition. The customers don’t need to doubt because forgeries and scams will not happen to them.  Carla is a qualified and professional hypnotherapist and psychotherapist for more than 21 years. She can deal professionally with children, teenagers, and adults.

As a friendly therapist who is passionate about helping clients find solutions to their problems, Carla Devereux only implements the most effective strategies to produce the best results with her psychotherapy and hypnotherapy services. She aims to help people to bring back their mental well-being by serving the best solutions to their particular condition.

Carla Devereux brings the most effective Counselling Solihull to help people who deal with low self-esteem, stress, grief, anxiety, mild depression, sex and relationship issues, phobias, adult victims of child abuse and OCD. The negative thoughts, feelings, and actions of an individual can be quite alarming. It can lead to depression which can also be possible to take one’s life. With this, Carla Devereux is passionate to give her helping hand to help people to enjoy a happy, healthy as well as balanced life.

Carla Devereux also helps people to improve their work and business performance, presentation skills, weight management, disruptive sleep patterns, exam stress and study techniques, and more. With their psychotherapy, counselling and hypnotherapy services, people who have phobias and fears, post-traumatic stress disorders, childhood issues, and mental disorders are relieved.

Some people also trust Carla Devereux for the following reasons:

  • Bereavement counselling
  • Mental, sexual, physical abuse
  • Anger management therapy
  • Changing behaviour patterns
  • Addictions like smoking, alcohol, and gambling
  • Career change and progression
  • Family therapy
  • Depression symptoms and more

Carla Devereux implements a unique assessment procedure that reveals the root causes of the adverse situations of her clients. She has an effective hypnotherapy and psychotherapy program that will help victims of depression and other adverse circumstances to have a better and happier life. She always works with professionalism and honesty because she is concerned for her clients.

Psychological therapies, sometimes called talking therapies, can help with common mental problems like stress, anxiety and depression, Carla also provides a comfortable environment to make the clients more comfortable while dealing with them. They have the best therapeutic and personal approach to produce the best outcome that the clients need and deserve. Carla Devereux also values the confidentiality of her clients, so she assures that the personal information of the clients are safe and remain confidential.

The services of Carla Devereux are open to all people of all ages who want to change their negative condition into a positive one. She offers superior quality of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy services because she wants to contribute to the positive change in the life of her thousands of hopeful clients.


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About Carla Devereux

Carla is a qualified psychotherapist and hypnotherapist with over 21 years experience in working with adults, teenagers and children. She has a BSc (Honours) in Psychology, an MA in Creative Writing, a Diploma in Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy and is an…

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